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Coding Metrix gives you the power to assess skill levels & provide training to ALL key employees! How does it work? View our
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How do you ensure correct coding?
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Healthcare professionals understand the importance of education. They know how consistent training ensures correct coding, confidence and ultimately affects their bottom line. Today, tight budget restraints force many employers to cut back on education, travel and seminars for their staff. How do you educate everyone involved in today's healthcare environment, to ensure accurate coding knowledge and prevent missing revenue?

Coding Metrix® Has The Answer...

CODING METRIX provides the perfect online solution to meet your needs year round! This unique e-learning system gives you the power to manage and educate ALL key employees in a secure learning environment. Unlike generic online learning programs, Coding Metrix offers specialty coding assessment and training.

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Users simply proceed through the training at their own speed, while management has the flexibility to download scoring reports and email users their individual scores. Employees receive the most current and comprehensive specialty training without ever leaving the office! Learn more about our Corporate Solutions!